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Sobotta 16th Edition Eng-Lat

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Kode : 9780702052682
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Deskripsi Sobotta 16th Edition Eng-Lat

The 16th edition of “Sobotta” not only presents 600 completely revised images, but also 250 new insights into the human body. In this edition even more attention was paid on the clinical relevance and regarding the medical exam. With its expanded content on more than 1,300 pages including 500 exemplary test items of medical exams, the “Sobotta” is now bigger than ever before.

Didactical conception: “Sobotta” learning loop

  • • Synopsis: the introductory overview of each chapter offers essential anatomical information “at a glance”.
  • • Main topics, summarised according the National Competence-Based Catalogue of Learning Objectives for Undergraduate Medical Education (NKLM). Having studied the text thoroughly, the student will be able to explain all specific topics of a chapter.
  • • Clinical relevance: being illustrated by a typical case history in each chapter
  • • Dissection tips: valuable hints and know-how of experts as optimal preparation for exercises in the dissection room
  • • Focusing the essential: by bold-typing of keywords in legends and labels
  • • Exemplary test items of oral anatomical exams: to check one’s knowledge

Structure and layout

  • • Optimal orientation: by unequivocal descriptions, clear structural arrangement and improved layout
  • • Learning with legends: comprehensive legends highlight the anatomical key structures and explain their anatomical relationships
  • • Focusing the essential: by bold-typing key structures in legends and labels

This edition is greatly enlarged by “Clinical Remark” boxes with descriptions of clinical pictures, where the displayed structure plays an important role. This helps keeping the learned information better in mind. Numerous tables, lists and diagrams facilitate the general overview and comprehension of complex anatomical connections.

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